Has PSI been assigned network 1?

>We don't trust our peers. We only accept routes which they are
>registered as providing transit for in the PRDB. When the RADB is in
>use, unless PSI has a route object for in the RADB, we still
>won't trust them when they try to pass us 1/8.

Then you're back to the www.pizzahut.com( example. Reachable
from most places as long as you don't touch NSFNET/ANSNET and the PRDB.

We accept that.

If pizzahut wants to reach a wider community, they can ask their
provider to register their route in the RADB. From a routing
standpoint all it needs is the prefix, prefix length, and the home-AS.
As long as prior policy existed for the home-AS or the home-AS can be
associated with an AS macro for which policy is defined. A given
provider can register an AS macro for their direct customers that have
their own AS. No more NSF AUP to worry about. If not, its pizzahut's

Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
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BTW- Is pizzahut the most valuable resource you could come up with
that is not reachable from ANSNET? Once we are free of the AUP, we
can also register specific networks with the RADB at our customer's
request and the other guys approval even if their own provider is too
stuborn to do so. We'll see if we get any urgent requests to register
Pizzahut's class C address. We can do this now, but Pizzahut probably
can't justify use for research and education and has a provider that
doesn't have an agreement with ANS to carry commercial traffic (as
required by the NSF for purely commercial traffic and heartily
supported by the OIG in their 1993 review of the NSFNET program).