Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Vadim, I don't see where filling the database is exclusively to someone
else's benefit. Please explain further how Sprintlink and its customers
don't benefit from using the RADB.

I would even go further and suggest that radb becomes THE reference.

We need a common reference. With nsf that was there. When this will be
gone, it becomes the big battle I guess.

Anyways, in my (not at all expert) opinion, routers are there to do
routing, and route servers are there to do route calculation.
Would help us all to offload route calculation and lookup to a route
server that aggregates over systems, and implements policy.

I would like it because the policies would be all public to see. If
your route does not pass my junkpile, you could look up in the ra if it
should anyways.

And I could hava a first default look there and see immediately if there
is an error and on which side.

Maybe we should make participation at a meet point subject to filing data
to the route server, and peering should only go via route servers.