Has PSI been assigned network 1?


Didn't hose our routing. We consider this a matter of routing hygene.
If your going to do full routing you've got to be protected or be very
sure about who you are peering with. :slight_smile:

Fortunately this doesn't have any operational impact. There have been
incidents in the past where major legitimate destinations were
accidentally announced by small sites hosing a good portion of the
global Internet for hours at a time. Particularly memorable was a 3
continent routing loop involving a bogus route to 140.222 that took
nearly half a day for some providers to fix and affected most traffic
from some of the providers affected. These get noticed.

Again- A goal of the PRS WG is to make it possible to quite painlessly
isolate such problems, at least localizing the problem. Another goals
in to make it easier to determine when aggregation (or proxy
aggregation) can be preformed without detrimental effects on routing.
Based on some earlier mail, this might have some immediate application
as well.