Has PSI been assigned network 1?

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  >>BTW- You might try a traceroute to an address in 140.222/16. That's
  >>the ANS backbone. For example, traceroute would verify
  >>that you could reach ANS NY POP. Traceroute would give
  >>you a !H as soon as you reach an ANS interface (look for t3.ans.net in
  >>the DNS if the response is not from a 140.222 address).
  >Will continue to work? We 'ip default-network'
  >and will have to change if this NSFnet backbone net ceases to exist.

AS 690 = NSFNET/ANSnet backbone AS, with backbone net 140.222/16

Just because NSFNET is going away doesn't mean that ANSnet is disappearing;
"reports of [its] death are extremely exaggerated"... :wink:

Steve Richardson/Merit