Has PSI been assigned network 1?

[ ANS has had both NSFNET and non-NSFNET customers on ENSSs. There are
still lots of non-NSFNET customers which ANS has on ENSSs in addition to
the CNSSs. ]

  > Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995 21:20:25 CDT
  > From: sob@academ.com (Stan Barber)
  > To: Tony Li <tli@cisco.com>
  > CC: avg@sprint.net, karl@mcs.com, nanog@merit.edu, rps@isi.edu, salo@msc

  > Okey. I am just looking for clarification. Vadim's statement seemed to eith
  > indicate that ANS was not a "large service provider" or that NSSes were no
  > longer part of ANS's backbone.
  > I am certainly in no position to know how to classify "large service provid
  > unless we look at the NSF NSP definition as a metric. If there is another
  > objective definition, I'd be happy to hear about it.
  > As for the NSSes no longer being in the ANS backbone, it is clear that ANS
  > is using some Cisco products, but it is also clear there are still some CNS
  > that Cisco didn't build.
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