Has PSI been assigned network 1?

>So, we HAVE to pass thru all NACRs (and don't forget that 1800 has most
>of Europe to care about). [ for legal reasons]

We've talked to most of your "pass-thru" clients, to help them.
Through my interactions with these clients in the last months
I've had the repeated joy of learning how to give CIDR tutorials
over the phone.

These clients have also lacked a knowledge base about CIDR or
NACRs. If your network implementation staff received more
training, perhaps they could train your "pass-thru" clients
and relieve some stress for your clients.

Again, I hope that your management will allow you the time
it takes to train others.

So are all the routing engineers hanging out at merit, then? If you know
of people, be sure and let me know.

In the mean time, I have to take people with only Unix basics, and teach them
IP networking basics just to make them useful in some capacity. If better
people were available, we'd have them. It puts a big load on our core
of talented staff to deal with all the problems that come up, and not much
time for training.

My guess is that Sprint is in a very similar situation. It's hard to find
good people, and even more difficult to step away from demanding customers
to invest in your future, as important as it may be.