Has PSI been assigned network 1?

   The equipment available today is designed foolishly --
  route update processing and actual packet processing should NEVER be done by
  the same CPU -- but it is -- and as such you're dead when this happens.

Lest anyone believe this, it's bullshit.

Karl just buys low end gear and then complains because it's not high
end gear.


I suppose that a 7000 with a SSP is considered "low end" gear then?
It was *Vadim* who was complaining about CPU usage on your boxes, not me.
Karl Denninger (karl@MCS.Net)

Would you please refrain from attributing to me the things i did not say?
Particularly i never said anything about "actual packet processing
by the same CPU" here.

I "complained" (heh i do not _complain_, i simply state the facts) about
CPU usage by BGP updates.