Has PSI been assigned network 1?

I agree that one cpu does all is outdated monolithic design.
Even hub vendors have two: one for hubbing, one for snmp and rmon.


The existing route servers do this now... One CPU to compute routes and
then we forward the tables to ISP peers.


well, I meant of course calculating routes and routing (user,
payload, actual usage) traffic, not announcing tables.

how about: one cpu for doing topology( including receiving and sending
data related to that task), and (while <value of one> smaller than
enough) one++ for doing traffic
over that topology (where again traffic is 'user' traffic, not only and
not excluding route announcements).

.... sorry that ny phrase cited below was not mathematically, logically,
or legally a one-one expression. ( anyways, the inverse would be then no
outdated monolithic design is not one cpu does nothing, right?)
                      ... yes, <value of enough> is
probably time limited approximated but never reached

Mike (enjoying the fact that it is FRIDAY)

.............still like the thread header! since someone complained (was
that on this list here?), nobody dares transiting this discussion to a
new thread. :wink:

How's that ?

Joseph Stroup