Has PSI been assigned network 1?

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  >Hi -
  > All our junior people are immediately deployed to
  >projects. One such person was brought into our engineering
  >group and practically immediately was given responsibility
  >for making all of NYSERNET work and handling whatever
  >escalations he could. Another is deployed in dialup and
  >in assisting with routing matters. Another is busy dealing
  >with research and resource planning for how we want to scale.
  > I can think of innumerable engineering and operations
  >tasks that need doing before deploying a junior engineering
  >type to writing documentation.
  Ah! Since Sprint isn't interested in doing training, I'll stop
answering questions from any Sprint staff. (I've wasted a lot of
time talking to a succession of persons in position 'x', none of
whom ever passed on information to anyone else or documented what
their job entailed, I guess.)
  > So, to extend the point that Geoff made earlier -- any
  >resource a busy operator has will get deployed into making
  >that operator's part of the global Internet _work_, not into
  >helping out other people.
  Thanks--this explains why the Sprint NOC was so surly and
unhelpful when I called.

  > This is not due to a mean lack of
  >altruism, but rather to the realities of life in a global
  >network that doubles in size and traffic severy six-to-nine
  >months or so.
  How about an abrogation of responsibility?

  > Sean.

  Steve R.