Has PSI been assigned network 1?

> 2 - The RADB has a lot of old, now obsolete, data maintained by others. Do
> we have to ask each old maintainer to clean it out, or will it all be
> cleaned up as the changeover settles down?

If this is true, it will have to be cleaned up. Maybe someone from
ISI or Merit can comment on this.

There are some routes in the RADB that have been there since folks
experimented with them a year ago. Part of the process of retiring the
PRDB will be to copy all the routes from the PRDB into the RADB,
watching for conflicts. When newer information from the PRDB contradicts
older information from the RADB, the PRDB information will overwrite the

So yes: the old stuff will get cleaned up by a somewhat brute-force
process once, the day that the PRDB is retired.