Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Don't know what other folk are seeing, or if y'all even look. But a
significant number of leaf customer sites 'round these parts seem to be
pseudo-random route generators. I watched a small POP, less than 100
customers, for about six weeks. I would never had guessed that DEC, IBM,
MIT, and dozens of surprising Bs and Cs were in rural Southern Oregon.
I'm sure that the POP's peer ASs would have been very impressed if we had
redistributed those routes to external BGP sessions.

And we occasionally get some exciting announcements from overseas links.

To move along an other tangent... What is the general wisdom on putting
pull-ups on route annoucements to deter route flap? Vadim kindly gave me
a static Null 250 hack to keep announcement up even if the source of the
route drops it. Hence, you won't get the !H until you get to our border.
Los pobre packitos will travel all the way and then get whacked. Seems
to subvert one interpretation one could read into the intent of BGP.


What happens if you do this and the target is multihomed? As long as you
don't violate the integrity of the alternate paths, nobody is going to
complain (and some will bless you).

If you do lots of folks will complain.