Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Vadim Antonov <avg@sprint.net> writes:

  > Daniel, it shows that you live in the world where
  > 1000+ internet service providers isn't reality yet :slight_smile:
  > A half of them has to be explained how route announcement
  > is different from broadcasting. Forget about good
  > citizenship -- they may be willing but they must be
  > educated first.

That is why we are doing it on this side of the pond. The PRIDE
project had a big DEPLOYMENT in it and we have held 6 1-day courses
on how to use the RR for the service providers.

Last time I looked the NCC was dealing with 142 service providers
directly. I assume there is a large number of local resellers which we
do not see. But even counting only the bigger ones we are only
an order of magnitude off your "world".

Yes we also (try to) educate the new ones about other things.