Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Bill Manning wrote:

Even with a route registry, you have no way of knowing, apriora, that
the registration is correct. There have already been "helpful" attempts
to register information for others w/o their consent.


In general, it depends on religious registration in whois and/or rwhois,
the distributed IRR and PGP. Here is a brief summary:

  Basically, I have made a proposal to have the Internic set an
  example by registering all delegations in whois/RWhois and
  signing the delegation.

  All down-stream ISPs should do the same (register delegations
  in RWhois and sign any downstream delegations)

  When a custodian wishes to register a delegation for routing,
  they sign the request.

There is a MUCH simplier solution.

First, use DNS instead of centralized WHOIS database. DNS already
has IN-ADDR.ARPA zones with PTR RRs and it is nothing to add TXT RRs
with contact etc information.

Delegation of authority is done the same way as it's done with
IN-ADDR zones. The mechanism is in place and works.

InterNIC delegates /8 or /16 zones to providers, providers delegate
/16s and /24s to other providers or customers.

Since end-users will keep their contact information in their primary
servers, right on premises, the likelihood of it being up-to-date
is much higher -- simply because every time the LAN administrator
will add or remove a host he'll see it.