Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Karl, since you hate Sprint's service so much, why
not simply drop Sprint as a carrier and make yourself
and everyone else much happier?


Sean, I don't undertstand why Sprint is so insistant that we drop their

Is your response to a legitimate complaint, that you are not delivering what
you sold, to tell a customer to go away?

You have an interesting viewpoint on this. Perhaps inet-access needs to be
brought up to speed on this discussion.

All I have ever asked for is that you *respect your customers*, and *honor
their legitimate announcements*.

Let me ask this question -- if MCSNet DOES drop Sprint, will you accept our
netblock CIDR annoucnements at other locations (say, for example, at the
MAE), or are you going to try to screw 5,000 of our customers and leave any
prefix which we got from you unreachable from Sprint?

And if the answer is that you WILL, then may I ask why you DID NOT DO SO
during your recent partial backbone collapse this last week?

See, that's the same question I've been asking about this filtering all
along. You are, effectively, holding MCSNet AND ALL OUR CUSTOMERS hostage.

This will not happen without lots of comment and impact on Sprintlink.

If you make that pledge, implement it, and I can TEST IT AND PROVE you are
and will do so, then this issue is closed. Otherwise its not.

Your policy was developed AFTER we get involved with you, and we were never
told nor were we offered to be grandfathered. And, to top it off, your firm
has been one of the LOUDEST whiners about ISPs not getting their addresses
directly from the NIC -- where no such hostage-taking would have been

If you think I'm questioning your motives, you're absolutely right.