happy bday IGS-R

No command line help, no command line completion, no cidr notation, no motorcar, not a single luxury… it’s primitive as can be[1]. So, does ‘mlb’ still work for cisco?

It appears not. “mlb” shows no matches in the company directory. Also no matches in the internal newsgroups archives ('95+), though I wouldn’t expect a developer to have much presence there anyway.

10 points if you ever worked on an IOS version older than 8.2(3).

Subtract 7 points if you miss it. :wink:

An extra 10 if you have any printed manuals from that far back!


I think you need to go back to 91-94 :slight_smile: I have not run glimpse over the
mail archives I have from SURAnet so I am not going to search but I think
its Marcia Bednarcyk (sp?)


Hey Dave O'leary, I have a P4200 in my basement that needs an upgrade :slight_smile: