Hackathon Kicks Off this Friday, Community Meeting + More

Hackathon will Kick-Off this Friday!
“Hack” your way into Fun, New Friends + the Opportunity to Solve Real-World Issues

Friday, Feb. 4 - Intro/Tutorial/Team Formation
Saturday + Sunday, Feb. 12-13, 2022 - Hacking

The Hackathon starts with a brief welcome and introduction, tutorial, and team formation on Friday, February 4, at 12:00 pm CST.

Theme: Giving Back to Open Source

During this Hackathon, we’ve invited the maintainers of several open-source projects to propose fixes and features for those products that we’ll invite teams to work on. Project maintainers will provide problem statements and objectives, and work with teams collaboratively to help teams understand the respective code bases and help troubleshoot issues.


Get Ready for NANOG 84 Community Meeting
Save the date!

Don’t miss your chance to have your voice heard and learn about the most recent updates at NANOG.

The agenda will include:

Edward McNair, executive director:

  • ICANN + Internet Society + NANOG - Collaboration

  • Ombudsperson

  • Registration Fees

  • Community Forum - Affinity Groups

  • Attendance Trends and Future Program Idea

  • Community Feedback

Update from Program Committee:

  • Attendance Trends

  • Future Program Ideas



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Sign Up for the Upcoming Peering Forum
The Peering Coordination Forum, a 90-minute session to be held on February 14 during NANOG 84 conference.

NANOG 84 Peering Coordination Forum applications will remain open until we have 20 applications or February 7. The forum provides time for attendees to meet and network with others in the peering community present at NANOG.