Great job AT&T (re: Microsoft problems)

Hotmail has had no impact regarding this issue.

Umm... On hitting, my browser immediately starts trying to
fetch things from, which is unreachable. Technically,
hotmail wasn't affected in that your redirect to was working.
But seeing as the main index page brings me here:

and this domain is served by:


I'd have to say most people were not able to access their hotmail account.
I can support this with the tons of calls support got today about "hotmail
being down".

Damn that ICANN.


I wasn't aware there was an ICANN requirement that alll your nameservers
be on the same subnet.....

And *today* (at least according to the Wired article just cited), Microsoft
is admitting it's an internal problem.

        Valdis Kletnieks
        Operating Systems Analyst
        Virginia Tech