GRE performance over the Internet - DDoS cloud mitigation

How stable can GRE transports and BGP sessions be when under load?

I typically protect the BGP session by policing all traffic being delivered to the remote end except for BGP. Using this posture, my BGP session over GRE are stable; even under attack.



That would also be my recommendation to this scenario. The only caveat
would be to consider the risk in the service-policy dropping legit traffic
because the policy. Often times, the PPS rates of a DDoS attack fill's the
policy queue up with malicious packets, sending the legit packets into a
'blackhole' or whatever mechanism you use to discard.

Rate-limiters / QoS / Service-policies are good for some use cases but not
for others, I am confident we all agree.

In this case, "buying" time by implementing some initiate tactics to
maintain stability is well worth the risk of being hard down. While the
mean-time to detect, alert, start blocking, and stop the attack is being
completed by the Cloud Provider.

From our perspective, we're talking 1 min averages with 5 min stop time for

L3/L4 attacks. Even if these situations were apparent, they'd be short


Does this answer your question or give you some ideas?

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