Gov't drug money that could fund Web site development

We've become aware of a government program that could fund new media/Web
site development.

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) in the Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has
announced the availability of funds to demonstrate that alcohol, tobacco
and other drug (ATOD) problems can be reduced by effective
communications strategies. Three selected populations have been targeted:
Adolecent females ages 12-20; Native Americans; field-selected and
justified populations at high risk. Approximately a dozen awards will be
made from a total award fund of $2.3M. Support may be requested for a
period of up to three years. Applications must be completed and delivered
by 10 May 1995.

CSAP is seeking to learn more about how to communicate through mass
media and multimedia and the effectiveness of specific communications
products, materials, or tools. CSAP will fund projects designed to develop
and disseminate targeted ATOD public information and education. Awards
will be made as cooperative agreements, a type of assistance award which
involves substantial participation by Federal staff in the conduct of the
projects. CSAP's objectives are to demonstrate that effective
communication strategies can increase awareness and knowledge about
ATOD and the consequences of their use/abuse; increase perception of
harm associated with the use/abuse of ATOD; decrease intent to use;
increase knowledge of the benefits of behavior change; increase skills or
knowledge of actions an individual can take to resist pro-use media
messages and peer pressure; decrease the myths and misconceptions with
regard to ATOD problems; and/or change laws, policies, and behavioral

To be effective, a comprehensive prevention effort must include a
broad communications program that includes public information and
education. Emphasis should be placed on collaborative efforts so that the
communications service is linked to those organizations already working
with the targeted populations and, who, therefore help increase credibility
and utlity of the messages.

How to learn more and how to apply: The National Clearinghouse for
Alcohol and Drug Information runs an online service called PREVline.
The Web address is and the direct dial BBS number is
301-770-0850. Applications may also be requested over the telephone from
CSAP at 301-443-0373.

I am recently returned from Sweden, where I have
been enormously impressed by the drug education materials
developed by the Swedish Carnegie Institute, many in the
English language for international distribution. NOT a
Web site, but probably readily available in soft copy for
transfer. Whoever applies for such funding, should consider
the ready free availability of useful information from
such sources. Point of contact is Jonas Hartelius,
Secretary General, at voice +(46 8) 215-288, fax +(46 8)