Google SMTP acceptance policy?

Anyone have guidance on how to legimately stay out of Google/GMail's spam
classifier and arrive at the inbox?

We have a domain that is relatively newly registered, has proper MTA
configuration and SPF records that I haven't been able to find on any
blocklist, but GMail sends email from it straight to the spam folder.

I haven't been able to find useful documentation for GMail in this regard
around the web. Have looked at's info, links and resources.


Have you worked through this Q/A process?
I went through it and at the end it says there's not a way to whitelist a

For Bulk e-mail senders:

There's this checklist, too:

And here's a form to fill out:


From my experience it just takes time. As users mark your email as

legitimate and not as spam your domain will build a good report Google.
Also, try implementing DKIM to help Google to verify the email.

Frank Bulk wrote:

This is good advice for anybody running mailing lists - regardless of
which ISP they're delivering to


the problem i have with google smtp is in the reverse direction

  drop condition = ${if isip4{$sender_host_address}}
          message = blocked because $sender_host_address is \
                          in blacklist at $dnslist_domain: $dnslist_text
          !dnslists =
          dnslists = \
                          : \
          logwrite = REJECT because $sender_host_address listed in

i.e. i do dns blacklists proceeded by a white list. and when goog adds
a new smtp outbound, users say folk get bounces, i have to chase them
down and then go through's process. major pita and mail does
get lost.



These links have been of some assistance, however some of the questions
seem irrelevant to the specified situation once the a first handful are
answered. Perhaps they are intended to be a test of a person's
comprehensive ability (or not).

Someone off-list mentioned the possible google 'sandbox effect'[1] seen
with new web presences, which relates to some 'build your reptition long
and solid' responses.

I have been able to make contact with a few that will hopefully result
in a more transparent solution then 'wait and see.'


Thanks to all who responsed on and off-list.