Google Over IPV6

Karl Auer wrote:
>> I can use it but sometimes got trouble with teredo.
>> Retry half an hour later works :slight_smile:
>> looks better to me than the IPv4 version does.
>> More comfort. It is worth the trouble with teredo.
> Um, are you sure you are using Google over IPv6?
> This is *not the same thing* as
> Google over IPv6 is about accessing via IPv6. For you to
> be doing this, you must have IPv6 connectivity and your IPv6 network
> must meet Google's fairly stringent requirements.
> Regards, K.

I see cname and only IPv4 addresses :frowning:

  Well talk to your ISP and have them turn up IPv6. :slight_smile:

  If they can't do native all the way to you, have them bring
  up a local tunnel server so they are in a position to
  diagnose problems with the entire tunnel path.