Google location question


Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I figured we could all use a distraction from IPV4 expansion for a bit. We’re facing a problem with corporate use of browsers and google location services. Our users across North and South America seem to be getting location info for Rio de Janeiro, BR as of the last few days. All of our users when browsing hit general internet via a NAT pool for IPs out of Atlanta, GA. That hasn’t changed in over a year. The IP space itself and the upstream routers PTR haven’t changed for longer than that.

For a normal laptop without a GPS chip and using default settings, it would seem that something else must be informing google of location. We’ve had a few theories. I discovered our Cisco wireless in RIO office is broadcasting SSID. The same SSID name we use in all offices. But I believe that google uses BSSID which is MAC based. And would be different between sites, as each have their own wireless controller, and certainly different APs. At least that’s what I believe to be true, that google didn’t associate our standard SSID name with a physical location.

I’m curious if anyone has ever dealt with this before. I don’t want to blame our workstation folks for something that might be a geolocation issue, either based on wi-fi being detected, or a messed up geolocation for our IP space. Is there any place in Google-land where you can see exactly why it thinks you’re in a given location? I did see some articles on API usage to view values, but nothing that shows you the process when it takes all variables into effect.



Old issue. Everyone encounters this at some point:

You can try reporting it to Google:
and wait a month or so to see if the issue gets resolved.