Google IPv6 geo location problem


At the beginning of this year we started to roll out IPv6 for a large
part of our customer base.
Everything was working perfectly fine until mid February when google
decided to geo locate our entire 2a00:e60::/32 IPv6 net to Iran.
We expected that it would be done for /48 to /64 blocks (On IPv4 it's
done for each IP).
Being a ISP with mostly satellite internet customers from all over the
world we're used to problems caused by IP based geo locating.
Usual the complains are "Please change the language of to
English, I don't understand the currently configured language"
(happens if the previous user of the IP address trained google to some
other language).
Most of our customers (Mostly military, oil & gas, government and
international companies) are expecting an English internet.
Usually we can fix their problems by changing their IP address. But
with our entire /32 being handled as Iran by Google this is a problem.
The problem is that google apparently blocks Iran from using any
remotely commercial service (I assume due to the sanctions against
We got a lot of customers complaining about not being able to login
into Google Apps ("Unable to sign in from this country - You appear to
be signing in from a country where Google Apps accounts are not
But plenty of other purely informational Google websites (e.g. returned a "403 - We're sorry, but this
service is not available in your country." forbidden error too.
We had to revert our IPv6 roll out again due to this problem.

We tried submitting a correction request via back in February but
that apparently wasn't processed.
Is there anyone from Google around who can help with this?
This is currently blocking our IPv6 deployment.

Best Regards,
AS62023 / NYNEX satellite OHG

I would first fix the RIPE whois data. s/UNITED STATES/GERMANY/
All the contacts are wrong. GI-GO

person: Andreas Buxbaum
address: NYNEX satellite OHG
address: Robert-Bosch-Str. 20
address: 64293 Darmstadt
phone: +49 6151 50074-0
nic-hdl: NX911
mnt-by: MNT-NY
source: RIPE # Filtered