Google Geo Location Issues

I’m looking for a contact, email, number, smoke signals for someone at Google I can talk to on geolocation issue. For some reason Google has labeled our IP ranges as Belarus when we’re located in the states. If anyone can point me at any contact I would be really happy…


Good luck. I had a case where Israeli users were located in Iceland. Took me well over a month to get it resolved. You can read about it in my blog entry:

Just heard of two more incidents this week where other Israeli users from different ISPs are seen as being in Belgium and the other is seen as being in Greece.

I have told those 2 new incidents to try:
and wait a month to see if the issue gets resolved (as stated on that Google page).

Clearly some process since about March 2021 is broken inside Google geo-location land.


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I’ve discovered that if you CAN get a Google ISP account, you can manage it all there.

If you can’t, well, you’re up shit creek without a paddle.

Been months since I was told they’d get it fixed. To be fair they did say they weren’t sure on how long it would take. I feel like I’ve been forgotten about.

Same here, YoutubeTV Geolocation problem, has one of my subnets in Tulsa instead of Chicago. Ticket open for 8 months. Every reply was that it was ‘with engineering’ and no ETA. I just got a notice from them last week that they’re closing the ticket and sent a survey to fill out to rate the support received. I told them that the issue was still not resolved and never heard back from them.

If they are your subnets, and you have your own AS (and possibly enough traffic to Google, I’m not sure what exactly their criteria is but we were able to make an account with ~2Gbps peak and no peering relationships) you can create an account with the Google ISP Portal ( which has a self service tool to upload a csv that will update your prefixes in the Google IP Geolocation database. Took ~2 weeks after upload for it to be reflected in live data.

This is want I’m working on setting up, here is hoping they approve my account.

Once you have access to your problems are far from over. You would assume that they would use whois info to know which prefix belongs to your ASN. That would be wrong. If you have, for example, a multi-homed customer and you provided them with a smaller prefix (/27) from within your larger prefix (/19), and since they are multihomed some other ASN announces that smaller prefix (/27), Google will see that and invalidate any geo-location info you provide for your /19. Google follows the BGP routing table as authoritative for ownership of prefixes.


Caveat: The views expressed above are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer