Google Fiber (KC) NOC contact

Does someone from Google Fiber hang out on this list? I've contacted (the WHOIS tech and admin contact), but not gotten any response and I suspect contacting a frontline callcenter would be fruitless. It appears that some portion of customers in KC are being provided with a lame/broken NTP server address and it's causing some VPN/Telephony problems for those affected. If someone has a better POC please let me know so we can get this cleared up for us and other businesses in the KC area.


Hey Blake,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m the IP Address Manager. Since this is more a matter of the CPE or local gateway router configuration, I’ve referred the matter to our Operation team to follow up on.

FYI, our frontline call center does escalate matters rather promptly after a report is taken. They have very clear guidelines to escalate everything that they cannot correct on their own.