Google doing regional preferencing on results?

Slightly off topic, maybe.
It could certainly have an impact on Admins/Engs trying to gather data to
fix a problem.

Google is probably (imo) the most popular search engine (including things
like being used by yahoo).

Today I noticed it doing something rather strange.. it gives you different
results depending on where in the world you search from. I've not seen
this documented anywhere or heard of it before. If this was a known fact
please feel free to shoot me out of the waters :slight_smile:

Search for "Michael Coppins" (a friend of mine).
If you search from a box in the UK, you get 'Michael Coppin's CV' (his
If you search from a box in any other country, you don't get it at all!
Hmmm what's going on here?

I certainly didn't go to to search.
Even going to and searching for it doesn't bring up that

Ok, so this isn't the North American Google Operator's Group, but still..
couldn't this potentially cause problems for everyone, especially us poor
SA's trying to find the answers to problems.

Has nayone else seen this 'google effect' ?

**If** they cache and replicate, it could be that the caches are not always identical in different places. If they are replicated, perhaps a replication cycle lagged in one of the two locations.