Google Apps for ISPs?

Dear Colleagues:

Is anyone utilizing Google Apps for ISP's, specifically their email solution?

If you are, and you are willing to share some experiences, could you please
followup off-line and I will summarize back to the list later?

Best Regards,

Martin Hannigan


I received responses. Not a lot of enthusiasm. One went as far as sending
me some supporting documentation (thanks!)

I contacted Google via their stated method and got a communication
that said my email would not be read - after the page said press here
to "contact us". Not encouraging.

Nobody that has used this service for their ISP responded, so I think it's
fair to conclude that it's not getting a lot of interest. I did turn
the service on through an automated process for a domain I had turned
off some years ago. Seems reliable enough. I immediately received 100

What other outsourcing services are out there?

- willing to guarantee compliance with customers jurisdiction, and give first
   jurisdiction non-US, meaning US has no subpoena or search right,
legally, without
   invoking a treaty process

- willing to provide a black box, on-site, service to insure privacy
   and local compliance?