GoDaddy NOC Contact

Good Afternoon NANOG,

I am looking to get in touch with a GoDaddy contact. I have tried
going through their support channels but can't get to anyone with a
We are having issues getting to a particular site from our AS.

Forgot to mention, that yes, the site is hosted on GoDaddy's network.

Good luck.. Godaddy doesnt care and has zero clue and is very unhelpful.

I would like to say that since I posted on NANOG, I have had three
different individuals from GoDaddy contact me. I have been on and off
the phone with them and they do appear to be working very hard to
figure out the problem.

Godaddy has always been very helpful and knowledgeable in my experience...

I second this observation about emailing here to get someone from Go
Daddy to email you personally. It's actually quite quicker than