Gmail spam filtering

Bout a month ago, I had someone crack a POP password on my private mail server,
and got a couple days of spam out through it before I caught it on Sunday

I locked it down, and am this weekend replacing that mail server with one
of current vintage, serving the same domain from a linode instance on a
different IP and, obviously, transport network.

I'm finding, though, that gmail is spam-filing the emails I send out,
presumably because they're on the same domain name in the envelope.

Anyone got a pointer to where I go to assure Google I'm on top of it now?

The mail delivers to their inbound MX ok, it just ends up in the spam folder,
even on my business GoogleApps account. Delivers to Yahoomail just fine.

I checked the new IP in the MXtoolbox RBL checker, and no hits, but does
gmail know what ranges are assigned to VPS providers, like with the cable
swamp, and bias its spamchecking accordingly?

-- jra

You might need to setup/change a SPF record for that domain. I always had Google marking my email as spam when I tried to send emails with no SPF record.

You can override the spam filter to inbox for specific domains/address's via googleapps gmail filter settings config


That wasn't a problem prior to my departure, but apparently it is now.

I've just added an SPF for the domain.
-- j

While you are at it, consider adding DKIM too.

You might as well publish DMARC records if you have SPF and DKIM.

I do only DKIM and no SPF for my domain names and it mostly works with Gmail.