glue record

> I get this: MOBI servers are not authoritative for zone,
> is authoritative for it.
> But since is inside zone, this create circular
> reference. Afaik to solve this circular dependency, there has to be a
> Glue record for somewhere in root nameservers or mobi
> nameservers.
> I can not find the Glue Record. Where is the Glue Record?
> Anton.

  what you are looking for no longer exists.
  there is no "glue" record per se. As Florian pointed out,
  a couple of implementations do what you expect, but BIND 4.x
  varients, esp at the TLD level, are scarce.

  BIND 4.x and BIND 8.x were not RFC 1034 compliant in how
  they returned glue records due to a internal design problem.
  This problem was fixed in BIND 9 by seperating the cached
  data from where the zone data was held.

  As has been explained to you several times, modern thinking
  has settled on one (not particularly obvious) way to deal w/
  the circular dependence problem. It really is better to only
  have to think about this problem space in one way.

  RFC 1034 says that glue should only be returned in the
  additional section. There was just a lot of bad implementations.

  Note: RFC 1034 is incorrect when it says that glue is *only*
  required when the namesever's name is below the zone cut.
  That is the case when it is know for certain that glue is
  needed. There are other delegation patterns that also need
  glue to be returned.