Global Peer Exchange

Hello NANOG!

Does anybody have anything, good or bad, to say about Cogent's Global Peer Exchange?


I stopped reading at "Cogent" :wink:

Telemarketing pests.

My dislike of electronic spam is only preceded by my utter contempt for those people who both physically and mentally interrupt my work.

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I have had two different Cogent telespammers cold-call me about this within the last month. Neither seemed to grok the concept of peering, why one should pay a third party for it, or how their product differed from (partial?) transport.

Neither could provide a link to a Cogent website or provide a document that detailed this offering. Neither called me back as promised with more information or to clarify exactly what they were selling.

As far as I can tell it's a marketing gimmick of some kind being promoted by telemarketers who don't know how to spell BGP.

You take down a 10g connection and they bill each side $.2 a meg, 95th percintile billing. VLAN between the two sites. Both sites have to have a different AS number. So if you want to move 1g of data, 95th percentile, between 2 datacenters I guess it has some utility at $400 a gig effective pricing. I can’t beleive it is a great money maker for them. Oh and it’s Cogent and they say they can’t give you above 1500 mtu.


That’s Cogent for ya.


To expand on that a bit: The pricing differs per geographical region, I was offered 0.1 EUR/Mbps, someone I know in Australia got a price several times higher. No fixed port costs, no commit, no distance-based fees. No discounts for larger ports.

Both sites have to be separate companies, not just separate ASNs. If you ask about that, they will point you at their L2 PtP product instead.