Global Crossing issues?

Based on reports from customers on both sides of the US, we're thinking that Global Crossing is experiencing performance problems. Ingress points into GBLX from Comcast in the east and GoDaddy in the west are both showing significant packet loss and higher latencies. A quick look at Keynote:

shows that GBLX looks a little uglier than the others for the past 24 hours. Admittedly, I'm not sure if the GBLX stats always look like this. :slight_smile:

Is anyone else seeing similar problems? We're waiting for something from GBLX now. If we get anything definitive that we are free to pass along I will do so.

- Drew

At present we aren't seeing (or at least hearing about) issues. However, over the last 6 months we've had about 10 different instances where connectivity specifically between Comcast and GBLX has had extreme problems.

We ended up changing all our Comcast traffic to other providers, but unfortunately, Comcast still seemed to heavily prefer GBLX for our inbound, and it didn't resolve the problem. Ultimately, we had to stop announcing prefixes to GBLX to get Comcast to use another inbound path and all problems ceased.