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Dear Nanog Community,

Some CDN providers such as Akamai and Google (often called Global Google Cache) are offering caches to ISPs. It is very convenient for small ISPs to alleviate bandwidth towards the provider, but also the CDN provider benefits by putting source of data closer to the user resulting in far better performance.

Does anybody know of any other CDN providers that offer similar caches?

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Netflix does as well:

The last time I asked, they required 5GB/s of peak traffic to consider you.

Don't know if you would call them a CDN, but <>.

Make that: 5 gigabits/s of peak traffic.

Most CDN providers also provide free access to "super node" caches at major
datacentres and peering points - depending on where you are located, which
datacentres you're in, and what your network looks like, you may find that it's
cheaper for you to interconnect with the CDNs within a datacentre (particularly
if you can do it via an IX), than the provide space and power for CDN nodes
within your own network.


While I would agree with that, having peering helps but certainly doesn't replace a localized CDN. Certainly better than nothing though. It also of course depends on the size of your network. If you are paying to carry that traffic (leased backhaul, etc.) from your peering point to your customers, you are still paying the same amount to deliver that content to your users (excluding any transit savings if moving from transit to get that CDN content). That is where an on-net CDN really saves you significantly as you can bury it deep into your network. I can't speak specifics here but I can tell you that the CDNs we have are filled at off-peak, so it really does become a win-win from a technical perspective (business case and politics are a completely different conversation though).


Does anybody know of any other CDN providers that offer similar caches?


The Last Mile Cache.

It's an completely open solution for everybody, both the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and CSP (Content Service Provider).

Hi Alex,

We already have Google Cache although we don't peer with them directly.

As said earlier, what I'm after is to cache content to provide better performance to our customers and alleviating some bandwidth towards provider. Taking an example of Global Google Cache, they provide and manage the servers themselves, absolutely no huge effort needed from the ISP. Making it very convenient.

I know of Akamai and Netfix that does this in a fairly similar way, but would like to know if there are any other CDNs that do this.



When I did post the following, I did not, as it turns out, have good documentation of how TLMC actually works.

I do hope that what I've done during these days, can describe TLMC better than the current website can.

So there is a file called 'document packages' on the site right now. (tlmc-20130207-r1.tar.gz)

The file 'TLMC.OVERVIEW' should, hopefully, get you an better idea of how TLMC works.

The complete DNS server for both the CSP and the ISP is included as well as the plug-in for the Traffic Server (which is required to let
end user/customer to cache the content at their home).