Global BGP community values?

I proposed real metrics for BGP long time ago. Back then
the idea didn't find any support -- apparently few people
felt it was needed.

The mechanism described in the draft is stragightforward and significantly
more powerful than the community attribute usage proposed by Hank - and
also can do everything MED and LOCAL_PREF can do, so these can
be retired.

Here's the URL:


The difference is your proposal requires changes to the BGP protocol (new
optional transitive attribute), whereas mine piggybacks on the existing
community attribute - thereby being able to be implemented tomorrow as
opposed to some months/years from now.


I don't think it's real to change BGP protocol this days. But it's
absolutely free to use some global communities, just as add some embedded
communities into an existing BGP machines such as CISCO IOS or GATED (you
can use it or turn it off or use equivalent route-map matching instead).