Global BGP - 2001-06-23

Out of curiosity - did anyone see a duration of significanlt instability
in the global routing tables on Saturday afternoon? Without violating NDA,
all I can say is that it resembled a historic event involve a bad route,
Ciscos, and Bay routers (only this time, it was a bad route, Ciscos, and
<X> vendor whom I cannot name but is being soundly beaten with wet noodles
to resolve the issue). The bad route, and instability, were seen across
all of our transit vendors (all "household" names of transit service).

Anyone else see this sort of event, or further details on the cause?

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We definitely felt it...does the mystery vendor rhyme with clowndree
? We had most of routers drop eachother with invalid as_path errors
about 12:30pm pst yesterday..


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