GigE High-Availability + Link Aggregation

Hello all,

  I'm trying to price and buy a network setup for a high-availability
GigE situation that requires link aggregation. In a simplistic
example, my need is to have, Host A with 2 GigE NICs (copper) that are
link aggregated with 802.3ad but each "side" is run to a different
switch with a host Host B on the other side configured in the same
manner. For example:


  Thanks for the reponse to far. To clarify several things based on the
feedback... For the implementation "Host A" side is going to be N
number of servers that are pointing at a NAS filer device that is on
the "Host B" side of my example so the interconnection needs to be
switches and can't be direct-connects. Also, the targeted quantifiable
throughput will need to be > 1Gbps so I need "always-on" link

Thanks for the responses so far!