GigaRouter (Was Re: Cisco as Big Brother))

Gated was the most reliable routing platform we had when the NSS were
retired. It wasn't perfect in that we still had an unresolved
assertion error occasionally but it either ran and pointed everything
in the right direction or asserted, dumped, and restarted. The
alternates can't seem to get routes to consistently point in the right
direction and so I'd have to say are much worse. I'll take a 5 minute
assertion and recovery once a week over a persistent route loop or
black hole. I don't know of any commercial router which gets the
routes and next hop right as consistently as gated does, that includes
both Cisco and Bay.

The fact that gated could accept complex routing configurations and
flawlessly reconfigure usually in under a minute is something
commercial routers still have not matched.

wrt - conf syntax. My preference is for a structured context free
grammar that I can edit or inspect with a powerful text editor if I
need to rather than a line oriented command interface primarily
intended to be typed in one line at a time. That's just a personal