GigaRouter (Was Re: Cisco as Big Brother))

This is the advantages of PC. Hope you know disadvantages too -:slight_smile:

> To the argument that Cisco IOS is inherently easier or harder to configure
                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -:slight_smile:
This is a joke... there is nothing more complex and orderless than
IOS's config -:slight_smile:

This is my last comment on IOS vs. Gated, but:

Some things are super-elegant and thus easy to predict and use.
Unix and its kernel and utilities is. NT/Windows/Mac from the
programming side are not.

Bay is not. Proteon is not. Gated (for me, so far) is not.
Microrouters are not. Morningstars are/(?were?). Livingstons
are not.

Now, I can program all of the above from memory. But I actually
do find IOS smoother and easier to use and adopt new features in.

I actually took to IOS fairly quickly, I believe. I know I took
to it much faster than I did to gated, because I spent 20 hours
and couldn't get gated working due to a total lack of *good*
docs. 6-9 months ago the most common question on the gated lists
was "can anyone post SOME working configuration"?

Aleksei Roudnev, Network Operations Center, Relcom, Moscow

I can only speak for myself, of course.