GigaRouter (Was Re: Cisco as Big Brother)) writes:

> >Subject: Re: GigaRouter (Was Re: Cisco as Big Brother))
> >From: (Dima Volodin)
> >You said - "gated"? Oh my gawd...
> I agree. Oh my gawd, someone is using one of the most efficient and
> reliable pieces of routing code around. What a really great idea. There
> are other smart router vendors who use various route and policy storage
> data structures from gated. Oh my gawd. Some smart router vendors are
> implementing dynamic non-intrusive policy config on their routers this
> year. Gated had that 4 1/2 years ago. Oh my gawd. Etc etc...
> RobS

Gated would dump core like crazy and lose routes and adjacencies 5
years ago and it does the same now. Well, on the second thought, I
don't think there's any real reason to bitch about it - all the other
free reference stuff (sendmail, inn, etc, etc. Even 4.4) is plagued
with the same problems. And everybody is kind of accustomed to the
status quo. As of data structures - I remember there was a course on data
structures on my first university year. And you know what? I haven't
seen anything new since then - gated or no gated.

Let's compare:

Oh. Don't tell my you do all this on your own and don't use some kind of
conf-generating script.

Of cource gated.conf is not (in usial revision) so powerfull as IOS,
but ideas - ideas in gated was great, and gated works well even now.

Karl Marx's soul to the soul of Friedrich Engels: "Oh yes. But the idea
was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l..."

Aleksei Roudnev, Network Operations Center, Relcom, Moscow