Gig Throughput on IPSEC


I have a requirement to encrypt data using IPSEC over a p-t-p gig fibre
link. In the past I've normally used Juniper to terminate VPNs, as I
have found them excellent devices and the route based VPN functionality
very useful. However looking at their range, only the ISG will do a gig
of IPSEC. I'm leaning towards keeping my exising Juniper SSG550's for
firewall/routing capability at each site. Then having a separate
encryption devices to handle the site-to-site vpn requiring the gig
throughput. Does anyone have any suggestions on devices to use?


Not knowing all your other needs, I won't swear to it... but would the Juniper SRX650 work for your situation? It can pass 1.5Gbps of encrypted traffic according to their datasheet. I've never actually tried to move that much data through the box so I can't testify to it.

Also, the Juniper SRX3400 is advertised as handling 6Gbps of encrypted traffic.

Of course, these are JunosES devices as opposed to ScreenOS, but the transition isn't as painful as you might expect. We actually use the J-series devices with JunosES as site routers/firewalls with a great deal of success.

The usual caveats apply: packet size, packets per second, etc; but with an SRX 3400/3600 you can scale up the performance of IPSEC VPN throughput with additional SPCs. You should be able to scale to over 6Gbps of IPSEC with enough SPCs.


Yes, the SRX line of products is the most future-proof way to go. I had a meeting with Juniper technical sales a short while ago and they also stated that "performace figures of the SRX is more in line what you get in real deployments" (compared to the ISG and NS marketing material which have IPsec throughput figures which you probably not will see in the field, same as most vendors).
In the ISG and NS series you also need to be aware on capacity limitations in the cards and the backplane.

...and as no one else has commented on L2 security devices I assume that there is not many products for this (IEEE 802.1AE MAC Security). But on the other hand I suppose that there is mostly L3 people on this list and that the Metro Ethernet folks hangs elsewhere.. (I would go for IPsec.)