Getting an RADB entry removed that was added by a previous peer

It appears that Reliance Globalcom (AS6157) added an RADB entry for our prefix ( when we were a peer of theirs years ago, and it was never removed when we ended the relationship. We are ASN 14607.

I've reached out to their support, but does anyone have a suggestion on how I could get this cleaned up if they don't respond?

Easy! Email for assistance.

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You tried the contact on the whois database?

descr: NYC-OTA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP-AS14607 (added by MAINT-AS6517)
origin: AS6517
remarks: -------------------------------------------------
remarks: - This route object was registered by -
remarks: - Reliance Globalcom Services, Inc MAINT-AS6517 -
remarks: - on behalf of their customer: -
remarks: -------------------------------------------------
notify: **
mnt-by: MAINT-AS6517
changed: ** 20091117
source: RADB

Best Regards, João Butzke.

Job should also have pointed to (notes "Created by Job Snijders"). It notes multiple route objects (e.g., IMHO, worth a look or two from time to time for one’s own resources.