Getting a Host Record

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 19:01:16 -0800
From: (Will Yardley)
To: Gregory Hicks <ghicks>
Subject: Re: Getting a Host Record

> whois -h
> Elan Complete Whois Server, Version 0.83h05, compiled on Jan 27, 2003,
> 18:21 PDT

The original message was about getting a HOST (i.e., nameserver) record,
not getting the whois record for the domain itself.

Sorry! After I sent that off, I re-read your message... (I need to
read, re-read, and then again, I think...)

I don't recall that I've EVER been able to get info on an individual
host as you want.

I've been using 'whois' since the early-mid '80s whilst I was running
the Info-IBMPC Digest (it is now defunct when I got out of the

I used to take a FQDN host name, submit to whois, and if I got a "no
such record", I'd back the host name off, then any sub-domains, then
... Until I got a match that looked 'reasonable'. Whois stopped being
convenient to use about the time Network Solutions went 'commercial' (about '98
or so?).

This is what I did for There used to be fully
maintained 'hinfo' records in DNS, but not, I believe, in the whois
database... I think the best you can do now is to get SOA for an
individual host...

Oh well. I'll read better next time.

Gregory Hicks