Get as much IP space as you ever dreamed of, was: Re: Looking to buy IPv4 addresses from class C swamp

There are companies that connect to thousands of other companies (see


financial markets) that require unique addressing between companies


non-colliding address ranges. 10.x.x.x doesn't quite cut it.

   This is not an acceptable excuse to burn PI space.

There are plenty of other Iana-L available... try using an obscure one.

I would be extremely interested if others on the list support this type of
address space hijacking. The only public instance of this that I know of
is WIANA which has hijacked 1/8.

Also, if other organization want to hijack IANA addresses to ensure global
uniqueness, I think that it will be necessary to maintain some sort of
alternative registry since many of the companies involved may connect
their internal networks to more than one network using hijacked address
space. It would not work if two organizations hijack the same block.

I work for a company that operates a global network connecting companies
in the financial services industry and we use registered IP addresses to
ensure uniqueness. We have also considered hijacking the 126/8 range
however I think I've managed to get that idea sidelined for the
foreseeable future. Basically, none of our registered space is announced
on the Internet although our network is connected very tenuously to the
outer edges of the Internet.

Of course, if there is support for address space hijacking, we may have to
review our position.

--Michael Dillon