Geolocation\VPN Assistance

I’m building a page that has links and contact information for various IP geolocation services as well as contacts and links at companies that people often have issues with. There used to be a wiki page on CluePon that had some information, but that’s been gone a few years. My intent is to direct people there whenever Netflix, Hulu, whatever says that they can’t get content due to a country restriction… or a VPN restriction (if they’re not using a VPN), etc. Then we don’t have to rehash everything every time. BTW: This comes up a lot more often in different circles, more focused on eyeball ISPs.

Please provide OFFLIST constructive feedback and additions. Please note the, “This page is very incomplete and poorly organized. With time, hopefully, that gets corrected.”

Regarding Netflix… are the right folks to help you with this.

In the unlikely event that doesn’t get you what you need, or if you
otherwise need to reach someone at Netflix on the CDN side, please use

Found one on Hulu…

Looks like last October should have emailed you some Hulu information offlist.