Geolocation of o3b satellite end user terminals

Since today seems like the day for IP geolocation related topics...

Does anyone have direct experience with third-party IP geolocation services
and o3b served enterprise/ISP-type high capacity customers?

For those who are not familiar with them, o3b satellite terminals can be
located literally anywhere in the world below 45 degrees north or south
latitude, served from a fleet of MEO satellites. Each terminal is a twin
pair of motorized/tracking antennas and associated modems, etc with an
IP/Ethernet hand off to the customer.

Their gateways to the Internet are located in about a dozen places around
the globe and ordinarily go out to the Internet through o3b's own IP

My limited experience is that you get the location of the gateway the traffic it coming out of. This is very similar to the locations returned for Motorola Canopy, Ubiquity and other wireless networks. Similar to IP location for cell.