Geolocation issue with a twist

Can someone point me for help with the following issue?

I purchased a /24 late last year on auction which was originally owned by
Cox communications in Europe. It had Geolocation in a lot of bad places,
and Cox got it 'cleared' up for me.

But there is still one issue, an ISP in Spain has it in a Geo database
which is pointed to my correct location, but because it is a Spain ISP, the
block has lots of issues in block apps and redirects to spam sites.

Attach is a snapshot with the incorrect ISP highlight and Geo database. I
cannot get any info from the Geo database.

I am new to this list, so I hope this is an appropriate question.

You will probably need to host that attachment elsewhere and post a link to it. Attachments don’t really fly to mailing lists.

Here is snapshot of Geolocation issue showing a Spanish ISP registered with
a GeoLocation database our IP block, pointed to the correct location. But
customers are getting railroaded with spam and failing apps (due to Spain).

Well that's lovely..,

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Please contact us at

Yes, I can't find a way to contact the Geolocation eurkapi to get this
removed, and I have to move two multi-million dollar businesses to this
subnet like last month.... but afraid of impacts on their operations from
email servers, web servers, and VOIP. And of course, Pandora.... for music
to their employees, which we know fails to work due to this issue.

Often people have issues with their IP blocks being geolocated incorrectly. Sometimes it's an error on the database or website's behalf, while other times it's due to a transfer. There used to be a wiki that had a few websites to go to solve these issues, but that site has been gone for years ( We've made a site to hopefully collect this information.

Please fill out this form if you have information to contribute.

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Send them an email at the listed email address.
Geolocation is always a pain.
It can take months to get it straight.