Geo-IP and/or Dish Network Contact.

Does anyone know how to get ahold of or Dish to update location information on IPv4 addresses?

I don’t know if meta discussion is allowed on-list, but maybe geolocation contacts could be listed on the community site? :blush:

- Nich Warren

Dish/Sling isn’t on here but check this list:

Anyone figure this out? Have a new block that works with everything else it seems but them and about to tell this customer to switch from their service.

Or if someone knows why would be geolocated outside US/Michigan would be great to know.


Did you update the block with those services listed in the link? They usually update ~weekly and of course there’s a delay to the providers as well.

Yes, the IP space is updated, not sure what Sling is using, but
this customer will be redirected to YoutubeTV which doesn't seem to have
the same geolocation issues.

  There's a significant [growing] issue here as if I'm several
months into the ARIN allocation and can not utilize the space, I expect
a number of providers are facing similar issues.

  - Jared