Generic IP Connectivity Provisioning Profile

Dear all,

Ron suggested I share this document in this mailing list in order to assess whether there is interest from the nanog community to carry out this effort within IETF. If you are supporting this effort, please voice it. Your feedback will help Ron in making a decision to AD-sponsor this document in the IETF.

This is an effort trying to capture and expose the IP connectivity service provided by the network layer to upper services, to adjacent networks, offered/delivered to customers, etc. The document focuses on the definition of the CPP itself and does not discuss for instance how this is translated into configuration data/policies to be enforced in underlying nodes.

   This document describes the Connectivity Provisioning Profile (CPP)
   and proposes a CPP Template to capture IP connectivity requirements
   to be met in the context of delivery of services (e.g. Voice over IP
   or IP TV) which are to be plugged upon an IP/MPLS infrastructure.
   The CPP defines the set of IP transfer parameters to be supported by
   the underlying IP/MPLS transport network together with a reachability
   scope and bandwidth/capacity needs. Appropriate performance metrics
   such as one-way delay, one-way delay variation are used to
   characterize an IP transfer service. Both global and restricted
   reachability scopes can be captured in the CPP.

   Having the generic CPP template allows for (1) automating the process
   of service negotiation and activation, thus accelerating service
   provisioning, (2) setting the (traffic) objectives of Traffic
   Engineering functions and service management functions and (3)
   enriching service and network management systems with 'decision-
   making' capabilities based on negotiated/offered CPPs.

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