generators, etc....

> Sure, Mike, but how do you protect against an airplane falling
> out of the sky?

Build the pop by blasting out a tunnel deep into a mountain and out
again on the other side. Then a 90 degree shaft in the middle into the
pop rom itself.

(So, if somwone wan't to create a shockwave in the pop, they have to
have two blasts, and it's hard to do rigt)

> or having the building that houses your generators flattened by
> a runaway semi?

You have 2+2 generators, two in a backroom with it's own proper
ventilation shaft, and one in each end of the tunnel that goes across
the mountain. (You might concider Jet-turbines). Each generator has
it's own fuel supply, and power wiring is redundant.

The pop itself should be a -48V DC plant.

> Or the ever present possibility that the building next
> door will have a gas leak and explode?

Explosions in the access tunnel is non fatal, and probably some gas-
detectors and proper fans would be a good thing to have.

> And what about that house-sized meteor that could come hurtling down?

Likely to shake the mountain, so, we build a house inside the cave,
and put this house on suspenders (that will provide proper shock

Airconditioning is a separate problem, usally the mountain leeks
enough wather (+5 centigrades) that you can run through your
heat-exchanger, or you have to drill for wather.

If we have several of those locations, all with 24*7 staffin, I think
it would be produce a good service, even when there are no customers


Ps: Make sure that your external connections are redundant enough,
    microwave towers ontop are likely to be wiped out..