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An editorial in Unix Review (October issue I believe) talked about
some outages that their site had suffered and mentioned other
outages. Then the writer asked the question "Who's at fault?". His
answer was that the consumer was at fault, because the consumer is
unwilling to pay the rates necessary to pay for the level of service
that they demand.

We all scream for fixes when these outages occur. How much are we
(and our customers) willing to pay for them?

Heavy sigh. Even if you are willing to pay more you won't find anything
better to buy. I've been trying to buy better service for years, and
haven't found a seller willing and able to commit to deliver anything

Multi-homing to multiple naps, leasing separate lines, maintaining a
24 hour NOC, and general management of the whole thing is expensive and
time consuming. I would love to outsource the whole mess and go back to
making money on our real product.

There are customers out there willing to pay more, because they are already
paying a lot more. They are fairly easy to spot because they are doing lots
of crazy things like multi-homing, leasing their own lines, buying big cisco's
and connecting them to NAPs.

Show me you can deliver.